Sunday Quiz Night

Every sunday night at 8:30 sharp! (for 9) the Gardeners Arms hosts its famous weekly quiz night with the chance to win money and beer!

Teams can be of any size and a pedantic knowledge of historical facts and encyclopaedic knowledge of shakespeare and hard sums is actively discouraged.

The Sunday night quiz is five rounds of fun, music and questions interspersed with our self penned rule explanation songs to aid your confusion.

The Gardener's Arms quizmaster - men in blackThe Gardener's Arms Quizmaster

It's only a pound to enter and all the prize fund goes into the kitty and is shared out amongst the top three teams for first, second and third prizes.

There are also prizes to be won for the cartoon round where the best artist on each team can win a free drink by drawing the best cartoon and the "landlord's round" prize where the whole team can win a free drink for guessing the closest to the week's landlord's round question.

Our host the quizmaster dresses in costume appropriate (or inappropriate occasionally!) to the weekly theme and photos of the winning team, cartoon and quiz costume are posted each week so you can show your friends how clever you are.

To get you started here are the words to the biweekly anagram round song so you can join in with the rules when we sing the rules-
Anagram Round
A and N, A and G, R and A and M Anagram round, anagram round, mix up all the letters and the answer you will see
Take the first letter from every word except for of or the, in on and, mr or mrs, surnames only please
Anagram round, anagram round, anagram round, anagram roooouuuuuunnnndddd!

To find out this weeks theme click here to find us on facebook.

A winning quiz team at the Gardener's Arms sunday night quizGardener's Arms Quiz night landlord doodle

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